It is dangerous to be without your Lord. Without Christ you are like a sheep without its shepherd, like a tree without water at its roots, like a withered leaf in the storm--not bound to the tree of life. With your whole heart seek Him, and He will be found by you. Only give yourself thoroughly up to the search, and truly you shall yet discover Him to your joy and gladness.
Taken from “Morning and Evening,” written by C. H. Spurgeon

When we find ourselves floundering in life, seeming like there's no help or hope in sight, we need to turn to Jesus. He's just a whisper away friend, call His name and ask Him to be everything He wants to be in your life, you'll be amazed! You've never tasted joy and peace like you'll find in Jesus!

Please let us know how we can pray for you. Let us share the love of Christ with you.
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